Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you provide free PCR primer design service?
We do not charge our customers who use our SNP genotyping service for primer design. However, the primers we designed are only suitable for our time of flight mass spectroscopy (MALDI-TOF) platform.

2. Can we pay your company an on-site visit?
Researchers from colleges and research institutions as well as other potential partners or customers are welcome to visit our company. We hope to continuously strengthen friendships and promote cooperations through such visits.
If you are interested, please contact us at 400-885-1861 for details.

3. How do I check the status of my samples?
Every signed customer will receive a customer number and a login password for our online service website. Customers can track the status of their samples and the real-time process of the experiment as well as downloading the result data. Customers can contact us for any questions about the samples during the service period through our 400-885-1861 customer service hotline or email

4. How is the accuracy and repeatability of the results produced by your time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF) instrument?
We use the Typer analysis software provided by Sequenom® for every experimental data analysis. The accuracy and repetition rate of SNP genotyping results are above 95%.

5. Does your company share my research results?
Without the written consent of customers, we will not require customers to share any research results. All the genotyping results and findings produced from subsequent analysis belong to the customers. The customers will have the full right to use the data.
We appreciate and encourage our customers to include our company’s name in academic publicatons or conferences. Customers will be given special discount for our services if they do so.

6. How do your company protect my privacy?
We are committed to fully respect and protect the privacy of customers. We will not disclose experimental results, statistical analysis data, customer information, and other customer requested confidentiality to any third party.

7. What happens to my samples after the genotyping experiment?
We understand the difficulty of collecting samples and the great value of each sample. We will keep your samples and all related information from loss, deterioration or contamination. After finishing the experiment, we will either return all the remaining samples to you, or dispose of it according to your request.